• Last Remains is a triple-A Web3 multiplayer battle royale zombie game that has secured $4.75 million in funding from notable players in the crypto industry.
• The game offers a mix of Assassin’s Creed stealth action and PUBG’s iconic battle royale elements, with players having to outlast both other players and zombies.
• Last Remains has become the latest strategic partner of the Cointelegraph Accelerator, leveraging Cointelegraph’s media capabilities.

Last Remains – A Triple-A Web3 Battle Royale Zombie Game

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Playing Last Remains – Stealth Action & Battle Royale Elements

Blockchain-based gaming has gained momentum in recent years as the novel sensation in the crypto universe, to the point where blockchain games accounted for half of all blockchain activity in early 2023. Developed by a team with prior experience at Riot Games, Bethesda, Junglee Games and Blizzard Entertainment, Last Remains seeks to take the much-loved formula and bring it to a new level of quality by making use of Web3 technologies.
Staying true to the dynamics of the battle royale genre, players in Last Remains start the round at random locations throughout a zombie-infested city. While they begin with no real means to survive, the city map has no shortage of lootable items, consumables and weapons. Combat-wise, the game offers a mix of Assassin’s Creed stealth action and PUBG’s iconic battle royale elements where players can sneak up on zombies or rush into combat guns blazing with an array of weapons such as frying pans and katanas available for use. The ultimate goal is to survive until rescue arrives from an ever shrinking active map while avoiding both zombies and other players alike.

Funding & Strategic Partnerships for Last Remains

Last Remains has secured $4.75 million from CoinFund Fabric Animoca Brands as well as becoming part of Cointelegraph Accelerator —a startup booster leveraging Cointelegraph’s media capabilities —in order to increase its reach within blockchain gaming space

Adoption Of Blockchain Gaming

Gameplay improvements are driving adoption rates higher for blockchain gaming which has quickly become popular amongst gamers seeking more immersive experiences that offer rewards through token collecting or engaging gameplay mechanics such as those found within Last Remain’s battle royale format featuring stealth action elements


Overall, Last Remain’s looks set make waves within Web3 gaming scene due it’s unique blend alluring features including its triple-A visuals supported by funding from notable crypto industry investors along with strategic partnerships that will leverage its reach further across multiple platforms creating potential new opportunities for gamers looking for something truly special