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Generation Europe – A project run by and for the European youth!

Europa, was ist das? Und was ist es nicht? Und was sollte Europa im besten Fall sein? Diese Fragen gehen nicht nur PolitikerInnen etwas an. Europa geht uns alle an.

90 Jahre, nach dem das Magazin Paneuropa die künstlerische, politische und ökonomische Avantgarde - darunter Albert Einstein und Thomas Mann - zu diesen Fragen befragt hat, ist es jetzt Zeit, die junge europäische Generation zu fragen. Das Projekt des aktuellen Jahrgangs "Generation Europe" stellt diese Fragen - an junge Menschen, die mit Europa groß geworden sind. Das Ergebnis sind berührende, hochspannende und auch kontroverse Antworten darauf, was Heimat bedeutet und welche Rolle Europa im ihrem Leben spielt. Ein Teil der Interviews wird außerdem kontinuierlich auf ZEIT ONLINE in einer Serie veröffentlicht (den Link dazu finden Sie im linken Bereich neben dem Text).

Detailierte Beschreibung des Projektes

Given the turbulent times Europe currently faces and their implications for the decades to come, we think it is time to ask those about their opinion, who will be most affected by the political and economic decisions taken today. In the future decisions and solutions will be taken by a new generation of Europeans, who grew up without the immediate experience
of war in central Europe or who never faced the economic hardship in the aftermaths of war. Today’s young people move freely in a united and prosper Europe, enjoy fundamen-tal rights and have stronger ties with one another than any generation before. And yet, the views on Europe in general and the European Union in particular still vary to a great extent. Economic prosperity may not be reality for many young Europeans and many might have an ambivalent position towards further European integration. Therefore, we – 18 multinational students of the postgraduate programme “European Studies” in Berlin -­ want to ask young people about their ideas, beliefs and visions for Europe. What is Europe for each and every one of us? And what is it not? And maybe more important, what should and can Europe be? These are questions, which not only concern politics, but, rather, all of us. It is the answers to these questions that reveal the current state of Project Europe – and how it should develop.

That is why we launched the project “Generation Europe”!

We want to collect our generation’s views on Europe in order to capture the status quo of Europe by visualizing people’s opinions and views about the continent’s future in general. Currently we are asking young European citizens and citizens of the world, who are somehow connected to Europe about their personal opinion. The questions we are asking are not new. One of our aims is to compare the views about Europe of our generation -­ citizens of 21st century, who are lucky to live in times of peace, with the answers to an interview of the magazine “Paneurope”, which was published in 1925. Back then Paneuropa posed these very questions to Europe’s avant-­garde from the fields of art, science, politics and economics like Albert Einstein, Thomas Mann and Konrad Adenauer. These interviews date back 90 years. We think now it’s time to draw a current comparison. These diverse perspectives and views will then be united and published on our website
http://generationeurope.net (not available anymore - 27.02.2017) and selectively on ZEIT ONLINE from March 2016 onwards.