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March for Europe Berlin - 25 March 2017

Introducing this years student project

News vom 14.02.2017

2017, the year of the 60th anniversairy of the Rome Treaties, 'must and will be the year we have to save Europe. Many are abusing the current situation calling for an end to a united Europe. We will not watch these developments from the sidelines!'

In times like these, remaining silent is the worst option of all. One of the student projects of the current year calls for this and decided to take action. Together with many partners from all over Europe, they started organising a pro-European manifestation on the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Rome Treaties, March 25, 2017. On Sunday, 12 February, they introduced their project to the public for the first time (watch the video of their first public announcement on their Facebookpage).

'We are calling on everyone who believes in the European idea, to stand up with us:

  • For a joint, open and social Europe!
  • For a Europe of values: human rights, freedom of speech and press, the rule of law, understanding and solidarity!
  • For the right to a more active participation of citizens in the design of a democratic Europe!
  • Against turning back to nationalism, segregation and confrontation!'

Get to know more about the project here or on their Facebook page!

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