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Fellows of European Studies at the WDR Europaforum at the Federal Foreign Office

Discussing the future of European Integration

News vom 05.06.2017

With Emmanuel Macron winning the presidential elections in France with a pro-european campaign, more and more people standing up for a united and strong Europe at events like Pulse of Europe and our March for Europe on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties - is Europe finally on the road to recovery from an era of crisis? What should the future of a European Union we wish to live in look like - do we need more or less European Integration?

Once a year, the German public-broadcasting institution WDR invites leading decision makers to the Europaforum, a one-day conference at the German Federal Foreign Office. The Fellows of the European Studies had the chance to attend this year's 20th edition of the forum this year. Jean-Claude Juncker, Martin Schulz and many others talked about ideas and strategies for a European Union which could serve as "the antithesis to the egositic right of the strongest", as Jörg Leichtfried, Federal Minister and representing the Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern on that day, stated in one of the conference's opening speeches.

The discussions focussed primarily on economic perspectives and questions such as the future design of the European Budget, the fight against social and economis injustice in Europe and the question of wether the Union needs a European Minister of Finance. Additionally, shortly after the G 7 summit in Taormina and Donald Trumps first meetings with European politicians, the need for future strategies for a common foreign and security policy was made abundantly clear: "the policy window is now open", as said Martin Schulz, former president of the European Parliament and SPD candidate for the chancellorship.

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