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"Celebrating the fact that we belong together"

Interview: Jenny Paul and Natalie Barth on the idea of „March for Europe”

News vom 20.03.2017

60 years after the signature of the Treaties of Rome, the European Union’s founding documents, the enthusiasm among European member states for their common project has decreased. Critical, even hostile and anti-European voices have taken the stage in 2016. “The current political situation is being exploited by a variety of groups who wish to put an end to a united and open Europe” – which is why a group of our fellows has decided that 2017, the year of the 60th birthday of the Treaties of Rome, is the time to raise a positive and pro-European voice. Inspired by the speech of Gegror Gysi at the Opening Ceremony in October 2016, where he deplored the lack of young citizens standing up for their political messages and beliefs, the idea to this year's fellow project "March for Europe" was born.

Two fellows of the organizing team, Jenny Paul and Natalie Barth, have been interviewed by campus.leben, the Freie Universität Berlin’s online magazine last week. You can find the entire interview here – unfortunately in German only.

The March for Europe will take place at the same time in cities all over Europe. In Berlin, participants will meet on 25 March at 11.45am at Bebelplatz in Mitte. For more information check out their Facebook page or their official call in the download area on the left.

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