• MeWe, a social networking app with over 20 million users, will integrate with the Frequency blockchain network as part of Polkadot.
• The integration is built on DSNP, a protocol created by Project Liberty.
• MeWe CEO Jeffrey Edell stated that the move will allow MeWe to make a permanent commitment to data ownership for users.

MeWe Social Network Integrates With Polkadot Parachain

MeWe, a popular social networking app with over 20 million users, announced at Consensus 2023 that it will be integrating with the Frequency blockchain network, a parachain of Polkadot. The integration is based on DSNP, a protocol created by Project Liberty.

Data Ownership Commitment

At the Consensus 2023 panel “Laying Web3’s Foundation With Decentralized Social Networks and Data Rights”, MeWe CEO Jeffrey Edell explained that integrating with the blockchain will ensure user data ownership remains intact even if the company is acquired by another entity in the future. He said: “Blockchain is like doubling down on privacy. So now you’re allowing the technology to do what companies promise […] Someday MeWe could get acquired by someone, a big company, and in that instance, the privacy aspects could be lost, but once we commit to the blockchain, we’re committing to that privacy side.“

Project Liberty

Amplica Labs was initially responsible for contributing technical work for Frequency. Its president Braxton Woodham was also present at the panel and mentioned how logical MeWe is set up for entering into Web 3 due to its lack of surveilling or amplifying bad news or misinformation. The integration between MeWe and Frequency was made possible through Project Liberty which allocated $100 million in June 2021 towards creating new protocols such as DSNP.

Moving Accounts Over This Quarter

The announcement added that accounts from all existing MeWe users will begin moving over to Frequency during this quarter so they can benefit from enhanced security features offered by Polkadot technology on their accounts without sacrificing user experience or convenience.


The partnership between MeWe and Frequency has laid out an exciting path forward for both companies as they look towards further developing their respective technologies while preserving user data privacy and ownership rights in an increasingly digital world.