Photos 2017

Our new location - FU-Campus Lankwitz

It was time for change. Having been in Dahlem for several years now, we left the old villa behind and moved to the FU-Campus in Lankwitz, where we have a brand new office. Some pictures of our new location can be found here.

Graduation ceremony 2017

The 18th of October 2017 was a big day for our fellows (2016/17): they received their graduation diplomas! It was a great day with lots of good food, brilliant speeches and one or two glasses of champagne. A special guest congratulated the proud fellows as well. Minister of State Michael Roth had some inspiring words for them:
"As young citizens, it’s up to you to help shape the Europe of tomorrow. The task of giving Europe direction is in your hands, and it needs your minds."

Workshop: Women in Politics

Politics is a "man's world": less than a quarter of all parliamentarians are female. We wanted to discuss this topic with young women who want to gain a foothold in the political arena. By involving politicians, think-tankers, activists, public affairs representatives and companies we wanted to speak openly and honestly about the hurdles women still face today and how they manage to overcome them. Through our workshops, we wanted to contribute to building a world where the share of women in politics finally reflects the share of women in society.
The event on 13 June 2017 was organized as a cooperation between Europawissenschaften Berlin and ‚mentor me‘, a social start up focussing on promoting and empowering young women in politics.

Study trip to Brussels 2017

Brexit and the Ukrainian Crisis - those were the topics discussed on our study trip to the European Institutions in Brussels and Luxemburg. Experts and decision makers from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council, the External Action Service and many other institutions also give insights to their daily work and challenges working in and with the EU.